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An international move involves a lot of effort. By using our free service to gather multiple quotes from qualified international moving companies, you can certainly ease the worry about how you need to tackle this difficult task and save up to 60% on your international move or relocation.

Moving your furniture abroad is a tough operation. Especially when you are moving abroad. To ensure the relocation runs smoothly it is crucial that you make the best choice possible, when it comes to the international moving company you will hire. That’s where comes in: selecting the international moving company based on the price offered and experiences of those who used the international mover before you.


We provide a free service that will assist you in finding an international mover that offers the exact services you require for an optimal price. Based on your requirements we will select multiple revivalists from our large network of international movers that are most suitable for the shipment of your personal effects and the service level you are looking for. This selection of international movers will then make you an offer for your move abroad.

The next step is to choose for the quote that fits your requirements. To help people after you, you can share your experience with the company of your choice of with our review module. This way you are guaranteed to have a worry-free move and save a lot of time and money at the same time.


Our network of international removal companies contains experts in all areas of the moving business. Whether you are looking for a full service international mover, including dis- and reassembling your furniture, or you just want the most cost effective way to ship a container with your furniture from A to B, we will get you a removalist for a perfect price. The qualified movers in the network can take care of all aspects of your move, from packing to custom formalities, shipping, storage and reassembling your furniture. The choice is yours!


Why use a certified moving company?

  • A Moving Company saves you a lot of time
  • International movers will do the heavy lifting
  • Qualified moving companies know the best way to ship your goods!
  • You are insured when using certified moving companies
  • International relocators know the cheapest way to get your goods overseas
  • Movers and Packers have special equipment for the move abroad
  • International moving companies can pack all your stuff!

Get help from the moving professionals when moving overseas!

Moving companies offer a variety of services that can help you setup when moving abroad.

Additional services that are offered by moving companies include:

  • Movers provide full packing service
  • Special handling by expert movers for items you consider to be especially fragile or antiquated
  • Various storage options by professional moving companies
  • Online tracking and tracing via your own personal account at selected movers

International moving or shipping of household goods

Whether you are shipping your full household, your car, piano or furniture, getting the right price for your shipment can take a lot of time. Our free service helps you find the right shipping company for your overseas shipment. By making efficient use of trailers, containers and cargo holds, these international moving companies are able to give you the best price for your shipment.

by Patricia Eizabeth tolentino on International moving companies
Cargo from Philippines to united arab emirates

Cargo from Philippines to united arab emirates. Great Service, it worked!

moving companies

Great service. I choose Pearson, they arranged my entire relocation with my family. I can highly recommend this service and company.

by Bill McDonalds on Moving Checklist
Pets Move

Thanks for the moving checklist. Can you provide me some more detail on moving my two dogs overseas?

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Specialized International Moving Services

  • International Shipping

    International Shipping can be fulfilled in three different ways: by air, by sea and by land. Depending on your destination and the delivery requirements, you can opt for one of these methods. Here you find an explanation of the different shipping methods.

  • Questions before moving abroad

    International Shipping can be fulfilled in three different ways: by air, by sea and by land. Depending on your destination and the delivery requirements, you can opt for one of these methods. Here you find an explanation of the different shipping methods.

  • Moving Cost

    When moving internationally, there are so many costs you have to keep in mind. Often your new residence is far away and overseas. You have to pack your household and personal goods carefully. Besides the costs for the international moving company, you should also be aware of the extra costs when moving overseas.

  • Moving for expats

    Moving overseas for expats can be challenging. New sights. Foreign language. Interesting food. But then, the questions from your family and friends start, and soon you are overwhelmed in an avalanche of unknowns. This is especially true for what to take with you and what to leave behind.

  • International relocation

    International relocations can be complex. When you have to arrange an international relocation, it can be easy to feel completely overwhelmed by everything that you need to do. The relocation services on offer by the international relocation companies that list on, is a sure way of avoiding many of the unwanted difficulties.

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